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The situation in Argentina

Latin America, particularly Argentina, have become an important source of data for studies related to local and multinational veterinary pharmaceutical industry.
Our country has a rich history as a generator of knowledge, and today is an important evolution in the number of veterinary clinical studies accredited by the competent health authority.
To this is added the label provided by SENASA (National Health and Food Quality), an agency under the Ministry of Economy and Production, whose world record and guarantee the reliability of its procedures.


Services offered for the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry

·      Consulting.

·      Technical reports.

·      Library of tumors and complete medical histories.

·      Development of monographs for veterinary pharmaceuticals industries.

·      Clinical trials: Design and/or ejecution.



                                  End report y presentation.

                                  Redaction and drafting.

                                  Recomendations for futures estudy and/or   



      ·     Molecular biology:  PCR   

                                          Western blotting



Clinica Veterinaria del Sur (CVS) conducts research in Veterinary Clinic of the highest quality, safeguarding Veterinary the integrity of the animals involved, the confidentiality of information and reliability of data generated. 


CVS made in various types of studies:  

  • Randomized trials.
  • Pharmaceutical-epidemiology-clinical trials.


Clinical trials in other specialties

While we specialize in veterinary oncology, we have solid contacts with veterinary professionals in other specialties such as:


 * Exotic Animals.
 * General surgery.
 * Images.
 * Cardiology.
 * Traumatology.
 * Dermatology.
 * Theriogenelogy.
 * Endocrinology.
 * Hematology.
 * Neurology.
 * Laboratory.
 * Nephrology.
 * Ophthalmology.
 * Dentistry.

(*) If necessary you can request CV specialists.



The unit has three operational areas: scientific, technical and administrative. The aim of this structure is to provide personnel and necessary infrastructure in terms of quantity and quality, to form teams quickly adapted to each project. This structural arrangement allows each component with training specific to their area and function.



Researchers: They are professionals from various fields of life sciences, reference and opinion leaders in their specialty training in clinical research (ethical, regulatory and operational).

In addition, the support of specialists in epidemiology and research methodology for external consulting, review, design and / or development of randomized clinical trials and research methodology.



Responsible for relations with the community: this area has the task of transferring the benefits of clinical research to the community. In addition to publicize its activities and results, is responsible for establishing links with various health institutions to facilitate the development of clinical research.

Legal and accounting: It is responsible for monitoring the existing regulatory standards and the development of competitive budgets based on internal costs.



Study coordinators: are people specifically trained, dedicated to directing the logistical and administrative aspects of the study and maintain an orderly, safe and timely administrative and regulatory documents. Also, take a systematic control of materials and supplies and provide the necessary communication channels with the sponsor and committees involved.

The laboratory: Directed by veterinarians, biochemists, biotechnologists and technicians with specific training in clinical research, is supported by its procedures, its methodical electronic filing system and strict quality control.

The bank samples with an appropriate structure, provides storage and archiving of samples and referee of the different studies.

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