The group is composed by veterinarians. Our main priority is to study and work in oncology, an important subject in veterinary medicine, where we face life and death.

We are prepared to give updated information to colleagues and/or pet owners about cancer in animals

Our dedication is to constantly provide information about diagnose, treatment and prevention improvements in neoclassic diseases.

We invite every professional to be a member of this team, and any owner who has a pet with cancer is welcome to contact us.


Our goal

Veterinary medicine is growing fast these days, and probably oncology is the field were most important improvements are found.

Therefore, www.oncoveterinaria.com.ar was created in order to inform that, nowadays, cancer is no longer a synonym of death.

This idea is what we want to be considered and adopted by veterinarians and owners as well. We should not be afraid when we hear the word cancer, instead, we have to be prepared to fight a disease that, when prematurely diagnosed, may not be fatal.

We have an important experience in the subject, backed by papers published and approved all over the world.


Director : DVM, PhD. Guillermo A. Hermo

Clinical Specialist Domestic Canines and Felines, specialist in Oncology (CVPBA).


Anestesiologo: DVM, Osvaldo Rovati

Dermatology / Endocronology / Small Animal medicine:
DVM, Arlenis Perez Baez

Ophthalmology / Exotic animals / Small Animal medicine:
DVM, Adonis Pino Santos

Secretary and Aministration: Teresa Peña Ruiz Diaz